An Interview With Jane Guerino, Executive Director Of Spero Foundation

An Interview With Jane Guerino, Executive Director Of Spero Foundation

Jane Guerino — Executive Director Headshot

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Below is our recent interview with Jane Guerino, Executive Director of Spero Foundation:

Jane Guerino — Executive Director

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Spero Foundation?

A: Spero Foundation was established to provide support to survivors of sex trafficking through scholarship, treatment, therapy, professional training, internship, employment opportunities and rehabilitation. There are misconceptions that trafficking only happens in certain demographics. It is a much bigger problem in the United States than most of us realize. Children and women of all ages are at risk, in any area of the country. Once someone is rescued, the recovery is a lifelong, never ending journey. Education and awareness are the most important tools to understanding how children and people are at risk to being abducted, sold and trafficked. It was through education that we realized how tragic and prevalent trafficking is in our own backyard. With each discovery the need to create an organization that addressed the long-term recovery needs of survivors became crystal clear. Survivors are silenced through abuse, we offer hope, so that they can find their voice again.

Q: What is your mission?

A: Imagine that your child was walking home from school. A van pulls up and within seconds they are taken and gone. Spero Foundation is Latin for “I hope”. Our mission is to provide hope to the families and survivors of sex trafficking. Hope that families and survivors are not alone. We aim to be a beacon of light in the darkness of fear and doubt. Hope for survivors can be in the form of a scholarship to obtain the education they didn’t think was possible. It can be transitional housing so they can feel safe and re-establish self-confidence. It can also in the form of support, rehabilitation and therapy. Offering “hope” through love, dedication, and support for survivors is our mission.

Q: What can we expect from Spero Foundation in next 6 months?

A: The Spero Foundation is partnering with various organizations and businesses to spread awareness of sex trafficking trough campaigns, educational and outreach efforts. Through our fundraising efforts we are establishing scholarships for qualified applicants, employment training and opportunities, and an ongoing worldwide campaign to prevent sex trafficking.

About Jane Guerino:

Executive Director of the Spero Foundation, Jane Guerino is a survivor of sex trafficking and founder, Executive Director, and president of Glory House. Jane was a adopted as a child, then was sexually abused from the age of 4-9. At age 30, she was abducted and held for 5 months, without clothing in a frigid basement, where she was terrorized and tortured. She was then sold to different sex traffickers for 2 years, until her escape. She suffered immense deprivation and violence, while captive. Today she helps abused, trafficked girls and women through Glory House, the organization she founded. Jane’s story is part of an Emmy Award winning Documentary.

Spero Foundation is one of the few organizations in which an actual survivor is an Executive Director. Spero also has an agreement with AMO families ( AMO families contains a host of safety features that allows parents to be aware of their children’s technological activities. AMO Families is committed to supporting the Spero Foundation by offering free subscriptions to qualified families and donations of revenue to the foundation.

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