Lori came to Glory House through Outreach after she was living in a van being driven through the city by her trafficker who was transporting her from site to site. Her phone was also being used for “Back Page.” The trafficker would watch her in the van and after “performing” she was given drugs, just […]


Caitlin had been extracted from her trafficking situation (surprisingly, her trafficker was a woman) after calling a hot line. She was then brought to Glory House where she was attending meetings regularly. Unfortunately, she relapsed for the first time. As often (sadly too often) in trafficking situations, victims are drawn back to their abusers. Under […]


Jennifer was kept prisoner at a hotel where her trafficker kept her, along with several others. She and a friend were later extracted from the Red Roof Inn and brought to Glory House. Both ladies were clean and doing well when Jennifer was later found by her trafficker through Facebook. He would entice Jennifer and […]


Cynthia was extracted from a severely abusive trafficking situation and brought to Glory House where she resided for 14 months clean and sober. One night however, she did not return to Glory House from work, which was later learned she had gone on a four day drug binge. Given a second chance, she returned to […]


Andrea was rescued from another hotel experience. A bus driver on his route had taken notice to suspicious activity at the hotel and saw a young girl, Andrea, sitting outside. It was obvious that she had been severely beaten. Andrea was extracted from the hotel and brought to Glory House where she then told her […]