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Support the Spero Foundation in our efforts to end human trafficking. When you donate, you help give a voice to those who were silenced. Together, we can offer support and hope to those who have lived through darkness.
Partnering with law enforcement and other organizations, The Spero Foundation provides education for students, parents, community leaders, educators, first responders and the public. These programs include events and virtual programs / materials to help everyone understand the trafficking problem and what we all can do to stem this evil tide effecting our community and most vulnerable members.
There are many steps which can be taken to help prevent trafficking within our communities. The Spero Foundation offers a wide variety of resources and support to help prevent trafficking.
Recovery is a key element to surviving trafficking. There are tens of thousands of people trafficked each year in the US alone. Most of which have been forcefully subjected to drug addiction. Sadly, addiction relapse usually means relapse into trafficking. The Spero Foundation is supporting efforts to help provide stable environments and resources to ensure long term recovery and success.
The Spero Foundation has partnered with AMO Families to develop and distribute an ever evolving set of software, apps and technology tools to help provide monitoring of interactions of the young and vulnerable. In many cases the youngest and most vulnerable are groomed by predatory traffickers using online services. The AMO software monitors and alerts parents, law enforcement and friends by cross referencing various nation predator and criminal databases with online interactions. The goal is to intercede long before online interactions develop into serious consequences.